The Garden Podcast

The Garden Podcast

The unexpected beauty of spring leaves, high-security gardening at Yarl's Wood, and does anyone love bergen

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Leaves are green, right? Wrong! Curator Matt Pottage shares the reds, oranges, yellows and even shocking pinks to be found among the spring foliage at RHS Garden Wisley. Chris talks to writer and broadcaster Jane Perrone about a life-changing gardening project at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre near Bedford.

This month's plant rant is the often-maligned bergenia. Garden writer Melissa Mabbitt and Deputy Editor Phil Clayton share the good and the bad, and give suggestions of the best varieties and how to use them.

Rachel de Thame on garden making, snowdrop secrets & tackling a new plant disease

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When was the last time you stepped back and took a long hard look at your garden? Television presenter and writer Rachel de Thame talks to Chris about her new column discussing how and why gardeners should tackle making changes to their plots.

Former RHS Director General and confirmed galanthophile Gordon Rae shares his love of snowdrops and their surprising diversity. Plus Head of Plant Health, Gerard Clover, explores one of the biggest threats facing UK gardens and horticulture today: the bacterial plant disease xylella.

January 2020 - Gardening for mental health, houseplants on the rampage and Roy Lancaster's garden

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As increasing evidence links exposure to gardens and gardening to improved mental health and wellbeing, Chris talks to The Garden columnist Lia Leendertz about her own experiences in this field. Meanwhile in the Wisley Glasshouse, strange things are afoot as a green army prepares to invade an abandoned Victorian house. Callum Munro-Faure shares advice on some of the stars of the show, the weird and wonderful aroids or Araceae family. And finally, plant-hunter extraordinaire Roy Lancaster takes us on a tour of his Hampshire garden, chock-full of exotic plants from around the globe.

December 2019 – Grow your own Christmas dinner, going plastic-free and Christmas tree secrets

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Have you ever fantasised about growing all the veg for Christmas dinner? This month Chris talks to expert grower Sue Stickland who's been doing just that for years. She shares her hard-won tips on which varieties to choose, how to harvest to beat the weather and more.

Sally Nex shares the wisdom she's gained over a year spent reducing her use of plastic in the garden – a journey which has been charted in a 10-part column in The Garden. Plus Christmas tree grower Simon Maughan shares the secrets of selecting and growing the perfect festive foliage.

Gardening for health and wellbeing, a bounty of British pears and bamboo: beauty or beast? (November 2019)

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Gardeners have long known that being outdoors and surrounded by plants quite simply makes you feel better. Now scientific studies are starting to bear this out – and the NHS is taking notice. We talk to Professor Tim Kendall about how horticulture is making its way into the health service.

Do you know your 'Swan's Egg' from your 'Autumn Nelis' or 'Bishop's Thumb'? Gerry Edwards, Chair of the RHS Fruit Group, shares his love of heritage pear varieties and offers tips on how to grow them. Plus: bamboo – graceful greenery or rampaging rogue? Garden writer Melissa Mabbitt and Deputy Editor Phil Clayton debate the merits of this divisive plant and give advice how to grow (and control) it.

Dan Pearson's designs for Lowther Castle, secrets of great compost, celebrating the tastes of cooking apples

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Internationally renowned, award-winning garden designer Dan Pearson talks to Chris about his exciting project to breathe new life into the gardens of a ruined castle high in the Cumbrian hills. Garden writer Melissa Mabbitt shares the down-to-earth secrets of making great compost, following a recent visit to RHS Garden Harlow Carr to meet 'Queen of Compost', Alison Mundie. Finally, food writer Mark Diacono discusses the last in his 'Tastes to celebrate' series: cooking apples – sharing favourite varieties, great ways to use and store them and giving some cultivation advice too.

Podcast takeover: The Plant Review

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This month the podcast is taken over by The Garden's sister publication, The Plant Review (formerly The Plantsman). Hear renowned plant collector Roy Lancaster as he takes you on a tour of his Hampshire garden, while author and Director of the Yorkshire Arboretum John Grimshaw recounts expeditions in search of the weird, wonderful and utterly un-growable plants of the East African highlands. Back at sea level, magazine editors past and present discuss their 'desert island plants'.

The Garden Podcast – August 2019

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Chris talks to John Foley of Holden Clough nursery – a man on a mission to show the world that crocosmias are so much more than the old-fashioned montbretia of yesteryear. Plus the magazine's Sub Editor Jeremy Kirk shares the quirks of his job, and and internationally-renowned garden photographer and RHS Photographic Competition judge Andrea Jones offers tips on getting the perfect garden photo.

The Garden Podcast - July 2019

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Hypericums are popular plants in municipal plantings – but do they have a place in gardens too? This month garden writer Melissa Mabbitt and Deputy Editor Phil Clayton discuss the charms of this often-maligned genus which has recently been the subject of an RHS Plant Trial.

Meanwhile wildlife expert Jean Vernon describes the diversity of native British bees and offers tips on how to encourage them in our gardens. And finally Digital Features Editor Gareth Richards shares his exotic edible discoveries from a recent trip to Hyde Hall's Global Growth Vegetable Garden.

The Garden Podcast - June 2019

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This month Mark Diacono continues his series championing growing for taste with a look at our spiky friend, the gooseberry. Chris talks to him about how best to cook them, and why they've fallen out of fashion. Meanwhile, Emily Erlam, the designer of a London roof garden gives tips on how to create your own lofty paradise. Plus we talk to Catherine Dawson, the Technical Director at Melcourt Industries, about going peat free, and the innovations that promise to reduce the environmental cost of horticulture.

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